Getting Cheap Auto Insurance on the Fastest Cars of 2012

Cheap auto insurance is easy to find if your car is a car equipped with safety features and the newest technology. However, getting cheap auto insurance for very fast cars can be rather difficult because for one, the speed that such cars could reach will make your insurer hold on to his seat as if he is watching your car in a racing track. Here are the fastest cars of 2012 and why so many drivers just cannot help but buy them even if they are usually expensive to insure.

However, there are those fast cars that have relatively low car insurance rates. This includes the Chevrolet Corvette GS. This two-door convertible has a mean annual insurance premium f approximately $2, 000 according to our research and when you factor in how fast the acceleration is i.e. zero to 60 mph at a 4 second rate, then the average premium you would be paying is $500 per second or a little less.

The Mercedes SL65 AMG is another powerful car with almost the same acceleration rate as that of the two-door convertible from Chevy and according to industry experts, the yearly premium costs usually go from $750 to $800 which is relatively inexpensive compared to insuring other fast cars.

Let's admit however that insurers do not really like insuring people who choose fast cars because insurance companies factor in premium rates on perceived risks i.e. paying out damage claims and injury claims, etc and when one comes to think of it, driving a fast car entails one getting into an accident quite frequently especially if the driver is too adventurous. However, since there are now so many fast cars available in the market, there is no more need for you to pay top dollar to get insurance unless of course you choose fast cars that also fall under the luxury car category such as a corvette, or a Porsche.

For those planning to get a fast car, another good choice is the Camaro SS. Yep, this car sure looks great but it's not as fast as the first two mentioned in this article. However, getting one is a good choice because it would be easier for you to get cheap auto insurance for it. If you are driving a fast car and want cheap auto insurance, it is advised that you get more information from a reputable insurer.