Bought a new car? Before comparing auto insurance quotes learn how companies get them

You see the commercials on tv all the time "Cheap car insurance", or "Disappearing deductibles". Even as you are trolling on the internet to find reliable auto insurance quotes there are advertisements flashing in the sidebar for you to compare the rates with the xyz company who promises to get you started for only $20.00 down payment. Stop, don't click, you can't even fill up the tank of rider mower for $20 so don't be expecting great things from the $20 down payment.

Insurance is risk management. You have to have some means to cover any financial burden you could cause another if you caused them personal harm or property damage. Insurance is the legally accepted way to do that. Most folks don't have a bank account just sitting there waiting for the bad day, so we pay a premium and hope we never have to collect. The insurance companies take our premiums, invest them, and make money on it, all the while hoping they never have to pay out. Accidents do happen, and they do pay out; so they collect data to understand who and what is more likely to be a payout situation.

Armed with this data before you go looking for a car, you have a much better assessment of what your auto insurance quotes for the car will be like. You can go to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety website. There you can learn how this nonprofit organizations runs another organization called the Highway Loss Data Institute, which has the job of collecting and review everything about accident statistics regarding the costs of the accident. (To the insurance industry, these numbers represent monetary loss).

You can freely review the data on accident losses. It is grouped by: Two-Door, Four-door, Luxury, Sports, SUV's, Pickups, Station wagons/minivans. Then broken down again where applicable like: micro, mini, small, midsize and large. Then listed by make, It breaks down personal injury, medical payments, property damage and more giving you easy to read ratings like "substantially better than average" and "substantially worse than average". Picking a car in rated substantially better than average will get you reasonable quotes. Pick a model that you love but it is in the substantially worse than average and it probably doesn't matter how many auto insurance quotes you compare it will be expensive to insure. After reviewing the data you might just change your mind and find a car that suits your needs better.