Robotic Sensors and Smart Car Technologies Will Lead to More Frequency Pollution

In the not so far off future, our automobiles will practically drive themselves. In other words you can put them on autopilot, while you are on the freeway, and they will merely follow the car in front of you, and if it starts to brake or slowdown, the car you are driving in will also automatically do the same, therefore keeping you out of danger.

Your car will also have artificial intelligence and many of the typical drives that you do during the week will go into the car's memory banks, and with voice control you can tell the car that you wish to go to the grocery store, to Starbucks, or to pick your kids up from school, and your car will oblige and set off in that direction all by itself. Almost like having your own taxi driver. Do you think this is too far-fetched?

Well you shouldn't because Lexis, Mercedes, and many of the other high-end automobile makers already have cars which parallel park themselves. The technology already exists for trucks to drive in convoys where each of the vehicles is talking to each other. If the vehicle in front starts to slow down, it automatically slows down all the trucks in the row. This allows them to travel at high rates of speed nearly bumper-to-bumper. This saves fuel just like saving energy in the Tour de France when all the bicyclists get in a row.

Pedestrians will be safe because the cars will have radar, infrared, sonar, and or lidar. However, with all these robotic sensors and SmartCar technologies, there will also be more Frequency Pollution. Already people are complaining about the scanners at the airport, the x-rays at the dental office, and even the self checkout at the grocery store as it does the barcode scan. These little amounts of energy are probably not going to hurt you much, just as a.5 W cell phone probably doesn't put too much microwave frequency into your brain if you're using it in moderate durations of time.

However, if you are driving a lot and all the time, you will be constantly bombarded with all of this frequency, which will not be good for your biosystem or the cells in your body. Are you beginning to see the problem here? Perhaps someone needs to invent a car body and windows which will stop this frequency pollution from getting inside the vehicle and hurting the occupants. But what about those who are sitting at outdoor caf├ęs, traffic policeman directing traffic, bicyclists or pedestrians? Someone needs to consider all this.