Technology Marvel - Remote Car Locking

The advancement in car technology led to the invention of keyless entry remotes that interact with the vehicle by transmitting radio waves. Remote key is the mechanism that not only makes car handling convenient for you but keeps the car safe as well.

Gone are the days when one had to manually lock car doors to ensure safety. Automation and modern day technology makes it possible for us to ensure safety of our cars with the touch of a button. Introduced in early 1980s by American Motors and popularized by General Motors on their Buick, Oldsmobile and Pontiac model of cars, the remote keyless entry or power door lock is a portable device that has the ability to lock or unlock cars from a distance without any physical contact.

The remote keyless is generally designed to include a remote entry system and an ignition system. Broadcasting radio waves on a particular frequency is the mode of operation of remote keyless. The frequency used by these remotes in North America is generally 315 Megahertz and 433.92 Megahertz for Asian and European cars. The remote keyless generally has an inbuilt encryption in order to ensure the radio waves are not hacked into by miscreants. Pressing of the button on the remote results in flashing of the lights of the car to indicate transmission of signal through radio waves. The flashing of lights of the car is generally accompanied with a sound like a beep. Some cars also have the remote linked to the horn of the car and thus use the sound of the horn to indicate locking of the car.

The number of beeps generally signifies the action performed. Locking of the car is usually denoted by a single long beep and unlocking is denoted by two beeps. Some cars also have a mechanism to lock or unlock only the driver's door while leaving the passenger's doors locked. The remote locking mechanism is also sometimes linked to windows and thus windows of cars also automatically close on being locked through the remote mechanism. The remote mechanism along with locking the car also sets an alarm which gets triggered if anybody tries to forcibly open the doors of the car. It thus keeps the car safe and secure even while you are away.

The remote locking mechanism can also be linked to other utilities like garage doors to automate opening of the garage door. Each model of car has a remote specifically designed for it. These are generally available at local automotive dealers. Automotive keyless remote can also be explored and bought online as per the model specifications of your car. Also replacements of the remote car locking system can be bought in case you lose your present remote.